Dear Customer

This is an electronic catalogue – iPaper – which makes it possible to see our catalogues in a new and exciting interactive version.
To optimize your experience with this iPaper, we have a few tips:

  • To browse the catalogue you can either use navigation top center, click on the arrows on each page or use the arrow keys on your keyboard – forwards and backwards.
  • To enlarge the catalogue, you can either click on the specific object that you want enlarged or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out.

Did you know that it is possible to shop directly from the iPaper?
While browsing the interactive iPaper catalogue, you can at the same time put various products into the iPaper shopping list.
It is done by clicking on the desired item number.

You always have the possibility to check what is on your shopping list by clicking the tab “shopping list”

Finally you can transfer the products from your shopping list directly into the shopping basket in our web shop, just by clicking “Shop” in the shopping list.

Enjoy this iPaper.